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Have you ever been on a diet, and then six months later found yourself weighing heavier than before? Have you ever tried to loose weight but found yourself cheating without really thinking about it? Have you ever started an exercise regime, but found that you somehow just stopped doing it?

Most experts will tell you that your weight is all about two things – how much you eat and how much you exercise. Sounds obvious doesn’t it. But there is a third factor that plays a massive part – your brain.

The problem is, your brain sometimes works against you. The other day for instance, I noticed an open bag of salted peanuts on the table. As I went to put them away in the cupboard, I tipped a few into my hand and ate them … Why? … I wan’t hungry … I didn’t need to eat … In fact I didn’t really think about it at all. I just ate them automatically. Some part of my brain decided that I should eat the nuts before I even got a chance to think about it.

You see, we have different parts of our brain that all have their different jobs to do. Sometimes they work against each other. One part says, “I need to get to a healthy body weight,” while another (more primitive) part says, “you need food to survive – eat now.” Sometimes the primitive part takes control – particularly when we are under pressure, stressed out or tired. Therein lies the problem.

And guess what – going on a diet or starting an exercise regime often increases the amount of pressure you are under, makes you more stressed and makes you more tired. So that primitive part of the brain gets more control, which puts you under even more pressure … and so on. And guess what … six months later you’re fatter than before. Sound familiar?

So what can we do when our brain works against us?

Hypnotherapy is designed to help the different parts of the brain to work together instead of against each other. People I have helped with their diet tell me that, after a while, they catch themselves eating more healthily and doing more exercise – without even thinking about it. This is because the different parts of their brain are working more closely together and, in particular, they become less stressed and pressured.

If you are one of those people who struggles to control your weight, I am currently doing a special offer on a Weight Management Support Programme. When you start, we will have an initial consultation, where you can tell me what you want to achieve and I can help you understand some of the science behind how the brain works and what you can do about it. Following this, we will have weekly sessions that will help you get the subconscious parts of your brain working for you.

As we are in lockdown – all sessions are conducted online, over Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger video.

Search for “Tim Maude Hypnotherapy” and give me a call for an initial chat on the phone.

For the first five callers only, the special offer costs are £10 for the initial consultation, and £30 per session for up to eight sessions. Quote offer code WL101. Offer ends 19th June 2020.

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