Hypnotherapy Sessions

What is it like to be in trance?

In trance, you become very relaxed both in your body and your mind, while I talk to you. This allows the unconscious (or subconscious) part of your mind to find new pathways and new ways of behaving. You are totally in control and can come out of trance whenever you want to. Most people enjoy the trance so much that they are very happy to stay in it for as long as possible. It is a very relaxing and positive experience.

“Working with Tim has really saved me from myself!” – KH

Hypnotherapy is not magic. I cannot control you and make you change. I cannot snap my fingers and make all of your problems disappear. What hypnotherapy does do, however, is to make it possible for you to change those unconscious feelings, thoughts and behaviours that you want to get rid of.

What is the Process?

It all starts when you contact me by filling in the form on the Contact Me page of this website, or calling me directly. Either way, we will arrange a phone call to kick things off. This phone call allows you to ask any questions you might have as well as arranging the date and time of the initial consultation (if you decide to have one). This phone call is free – and is typically 10 or 15 minutes.

Diagram summarising the process, which is also described in the text under the heading "What is the process?"

The first time you meet me, we will have an initial consultation. You can tell me a little about yourself and what you want from your time with me. I will describe some of the science that explains how your brain is behaving in a way that is unhelpful to you, and answer any questions you might have. I will also give you the opportunity to have some simple hypnotherapy relaxation so that you get a feel for what it is like. The initial consultation will cost £35 and will take around an hour.

After the initial consultation, we will meet once a week for hypnotherapy. We will talk things through – talking about your week and how you can move forward. Then you can get nicely relaxed in a therapeutic trance. The trance will allow the unconscious part of your mind to readjust itself in a more beneficial way. My clients really enjoy this part. The hypnotherapy sessions will cost £70 and will take around an hour.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

How long is a piece of string? Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine with any accuracy how many sessions you might need – my clients vary quite a bit.

Those with anxiety-related issues tend to see me from between 5 and 10 sessions – although it can sometimes be quicker and occasionally take longer. I have had clients who resolve their issues in 2 sessions, and I have had a client who wanted to stay on for 20 sessions – but 5 to 10 is more typical.

For issues where anxiety is not a deep underlying factor, such as fear of flying, other phobias and breaking habits such as nail biting, the number of sessions needed is usually less than 5.

Between Sessions

The therapy does not only happen when you are with me. At the initial consultation, I will also give you a relaxation audio track to listen to every night (when it is time to go to sleep). You may also take away a task to do between sessions. This will also be an important part of the process.

Quit Smoking

I also offer a quit smoking service to help you give up smoking tobacco for good. This is done in one session of around 2 hours in length and costs £200. (Some of you may want to work out how quickly you will save this money once you have quit.)

Diagram covering what is described in the text under the heading Quit Smoking