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Limited time offer for summer travellers

25% off Fear of Flying hypnotherapy programme
Usual price – £140. Discounted price £105 – 25% discount

Do you get anxious when you fly? You are not alone. Around one in three people develop some form of anxiety when they fly. Most of them can manage a small bit of anxiety by themselves – either they put up with it or maybe have a drink or two to take the edge off it. But there are a small percentage of people for whom the anxiety is really bad.

We took off in a massive thunderstorm. My husband asked me if I was okay. I said, “I’m actually quite enjoying it.”

– Janet L (after two sessions)

Why do people fear flying when it is very safe?

The fear comes from that subconscious part of the brain that controls your fight-flight-or-freeze response. That part of your brain is not particularly clever, and once it gets an idea – it tends to stick with it – even if it is wrong. So it’s no good telling yourself that it is safe – the fight-flight-or-freeze part of the brain doesn’t listen – it just goes ahead and makes you scared anyway.

Special Offer on Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

You can take a short programme of hypnotherapy to reprogramme the fight-flight-or-freeze centre. Many people will be flying this summer for the first time since the pandemic started. So for a limited number time only, I am offering a special 25% discount on Fear of Flying. This package includes two sessions. The first session should be one or two weeks before your flight. The second should be a few days (no more than a week) before your flight. You will be also be given a free hypnotherapy audio to use between sessions and during the flight.

Usual price – £140. Discounted price £105.

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