• A brief how and why of phobias

    A brief how and why of phobias

    Do you ever feel a sudden sense of panic about something that other people find innocuous? Your friends tell you that it’s harmless, but you can’t help feeling that sudden tightness in your chest and the compulsion to get away? Maybe you’re a bit embarrassed about it … join the club, there are thousands of… Read more

  • Covid-19 Stress Dreams

    Covid-19 Coronavirus can be scary, I have noticed a number of people reporting stress dreams about the situation. I came across this article that might help, alternatively you can contact me about some relaxing hypnotherapy. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/stress-dreams-why-do-we-have-them-and-how-to-stop/ Read more

  • Lovely testimonial

    Lovely testimonial

    I have just received a wonderful testimonial from a client. I just wanted to share it. “Working with Tim has really saved me from myself! I’m a mother of three young and very active kids and life can get a bit stressful. His scientific insights and professional knowledge was beyond helpful. Not only did he… Read more

  • Searching for new growth

    Searching for new growth

    After the depths of winter, new growth appears. I am going to search for signs of new growth, even in the darkest days of this pandemic. Read more

  • Going nuts during lockdown?

    Are you being driven nuts by the COVID-19 lockdown? Here are a few quick tips for helping you stay mentally healthy. Positive interaction – Interact with other people in a positive way – people at home, people on the internet, and people that serve you in the shops. Positive action – Do something positive –… Read more


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